MICE in the Attic are a nuisance.

Get rid of ATTIC MICE once and for all with Corner Post Inserts
for Vinyl sided homes.  


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MICE IN THE ATTIC also called ATTIC MICE are unwanted pests in most vinyl sided homes. Get rid of attic mice for good with our vinyl siding Corner Inserts.


Mice enter the attic through open corner posts which give them a direct raceway to the attic. Signs of mice in the attic include tunnels in the insulation, mouse droppings on top of the insulation, odors that are hard to locate, small stains on the ceiling and scratching or digging sounds while you’re trying to sleep. They also chew on electrical wires creating a safety concern and a potential fire hazard.



Bees, wasps and hornets are also attracted to the open corner post. They are safe from sprays and chemicals and the corner posts give them a hiding place. The problem is, the bottom of the corner post is open and close to the ground and that is where children play. Pets are attracted to the buzzing critters coming and going in and out of the open corner post and they become victims of being stung. 



KritterCaps® Corner Inserts are designed to stop Mice, Bees, Wasps, Hornets and other Pests, even snakes, from entering the attic through an open corner post. They are environmentally safe. They are non-toxic, they are not poisonous, there is no sticky goo to contend with, no spring to snap on your finger and no foamy mess. They slide into place and are permanently secure so they won’t fall out and can’t be pulled out by squirrels or chipmunks.

(Orange color is for clarity)

(Orange color is for clarity)


Available in two sizes

The SCI-300 fits only 3″ corner posts  sci-300-kritter-cap The SCI-354 is a combination corner instert and will fit 3″, 3 1/2″, and 4″ corner posts.  sci-354-combination

KritterCaps® Can Prevent Thousands of Dollars in Damage Caused by MICE IN THE ATTIC


Measure corner post


Chewed wires are a possible fire hazard.


Damaged corner post from dog trying to get at a pesky chipmunk.


Mouse nest in attic is smelly and uhealthy.


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